What is the use of indoor email?

The most significant use of in-network email is printer services and buying paper and charging the cartridge… How you ask?

 If you have 30 employees in your office at least you have 6 printers and 1 or 2 fax and scanner devices. In this situation least usage is referred to Scanners. 

So now with indoor emailing there is no need of printing documents anymore. 

You can easily send documents throw indoor emailing without using internet bandwidth and other employees can verify and send back the final draft.

What do we need?

There are various softwares to set up this function in each network such as MDaemon and Exchange which are very useful if the number of users in your network is less than 150. 

It should be mentioned that to use exchange you need a server with the minimum of 8GB RAM.

Also this need to be mentioned that by using exchange you get various capabilities specially transferring mail server into the company’s domain. 

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