Network Fundamentals and Configuring Network Using MIKROTIK :
First of all, lets talk of the usage and then get to what it is !?
You have to answer these questions in order to find out what is MIKROTIK …
Are you unhappy with your Internet speed? Your traffic ends very fast ?
Do you want to know which user is using most of the bandwidth, which reduces the speed of the Internet network ?
Want to know who downloaded the most ?
Or some more specific questions …

You want to connect to the servers or personal computers in your office from home remotely ?
Do you want each user in your network to have a specific user-name and password and use specific traffic ? And if each user downloads more than a certain amount, the user’s Internet becomes inaccessible ?
Have you ever wanted to run the software from inside the company’s branch in the country with one click that its server is in another branch of the company abroad ?
And most important do you want lowest cost range for configuring all sections of your network ?
If only one these questions result in positive answer that means you need a hardware to control the traffic of your network. So for these purpose we suggest MIKROTIK.

So what can we do with it ?
In this hardware you are able to control upload and download for every user and to monitor the usage of every user of the network traffic also.
Accounting which means accessing Internet via specific user-name and password for every user.
You can also adopt this function of WI-FI’s also.
To mention other merits of this hardware you can point tunneling which is known as VPN. Which means connecting two point of network via a safe tunnel …
When these two are connected, you can use each other’s resources.
For example, use other branch files and apps, see each other’s desktops, see each other’s cameras, and much more …
Now you tell me what else do you want from your network ?