The idea of having a company as SOHO (About Founder) began in the hot summer of 2013 !
After years with all the rises and falls, grew and in these fluctuated days is improving slowly but constantly.
First goal of this idea was to build stable working opportunities related to computers and networks in small and large scales but with passage of time we got into this idea that before anything we need to find out about customers needs in order.
We experienced that if we want to compete In this world, we need to communicate with people and realize their needs so we can help them.
Many well-educated and well-experienced people gather together so they can come up with everything they got to help you with your needs. Some of these expertise are mentioned below :
Buying and selling hardware consultant – Installing windows, software or games …
Installing Linux, Set up servers, Configuring active directory and setting access privileges, Setting share space for indoor computer networks or even on the Internet.
Traffic usage efficiency and … CCTV set up and transferring data, Setting internal mail-server or transferring Internet-based mail-server to personal data centers.
Design, Equip and configuring server rooms, Installing and configuring hardware firewalls, Setting back up plans and …

شرکت مهندسی سوهو

“Customers love working with us”
Because our priority is morality and then loving and respecting all of God’s creatures.
What is our job ?
Helping you definitely !!! Of course in the fields of computer and IT at every level …
From Windows installation to designing a server room and setting up a data center and …
SOHO, It is short for SMALL OFFICE – HOME OFFICE, It is used in small scaled networks in homes and offices with 1 to 200 computers.
Our team is expert and experienced in most computer-related fields and we can help you find out about your needs, such a easy thing to do !
It does not matter how small or complicated it is …
Just call and tell us what you need, then we will tell you what is best for you.
“We are engineers, we will either find a way or we will make a way.”
We are at your side, you are not alone.
Do not forget ;
“Quality will be remembered; long after the price is forgotten.”