What is the use of Internal E-mail (Mail Server) ?
The main problem that the internal email resolves is drastically reduced repair and service printer, cartridge charging and purchase of paper. How ?
If you have 30 employees and one computer per person, you have at least six printers, one or two faxes and two scanners, usually to get reports or faxes. It is used and in this case, scanners are the least used.
So now with internal e-mail there is no need of printing documents anymore. You can easily send documents by internal e-mail without using Internet bandwidth.
and other employees can verify and send back the final draft.
In addition, if necessary, it is possible to check e-mails from outside the company on the Internet.

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What do we NEED ?
There are various softwares to set up this function in each network such as MDaemon and exchange which are very useful.
If the number of users in your network is less than 150, we recommend MDaemon, otherwise exchange.
To run MDaemon, Windows 7 and 2GB RAM are enough, but if you want to run Exchange, you need a server with at least 8GB RAM.
Also this need to be mentioned that by using Exchange you get various capabilities,
Specially transferring mail server into the company domain.
This means that if you have a website called soho24.ir and you have an e-mail address called info@soho24.ir, you can move the space completely on Exchange inside the company.