Network monitoring :
Network monitoring is important in any organization and allows you to manage the network traffic.
For example, who is using the Internet excessively.
This feature is done by professional software and connecting them to the router.

Central management of employees :
Even for small businesses, it is necessary to manage the computers and electronic devices of your subordinates (restriction of connection or program installation)
This is done through small servers that are configured by the SOHO team.

Setting up computer networks as WorkGroup and Domain :
Installing and configuring anti-virus and firewall.
Internet sharing on the network and bandwidth management.
Automatic backup and policy to provide and restore the backup as needed.
Providing security solutions, installation and configuration of firewall or anti-virus according to customer needs.
Setting up servers, computer networks and network applications.
Computer network support for corporate offices.
Setting up the server room, switch and router settings.
Hardware and software support for users’ systems.