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موسس شرکت سوهو

The hardest and most possible thing in this world is to fight against the mindset of an IT man, graduated in construction engineering and … we are we going? Nowadays who is doing the same thing as he/she is graduated in? So what happened here?
In 2004 I tried to get into college in computer related courses but I don’t know what happened that I started studying topography in college for a bachelor’s degree and thanks to God I graduated college (Finally!)
I started working in the field of mapping immediately…
After 3 or 4 months I realized that I have not made for this job and I am not interested at all.
So after many struggles I quit that job.
Then I tried to do my military service immediately after that…
In between all these occupations I was introduced to Microsoft MCITP and Network courses but it was late.
Late summer of 2011, I started the MCITP course in Tehran Institute of Technologies in Karaj city besides doing my military service with
Mr. Navid Mohammadi
It took more than 18 months to complete that course.
But also started the CCNA course at the end of Microsoft course.
I started working in a company as a full time employee right after the Microsoft course.
I was there for about 18 months but I never forgot about attractive Network courses and I was introduced to Mikrotik courses.
I passed MTCNA with Mr.Mehran Rashvand and then it was about wireless courses till CWDP.
Although I have not any working experiences in wireless fields but I never regret passing those wireless courses with Dr.Mohebbi.
So I got out of that situation and started doing part-time Network supporting and small projects and fortunately it is going well.
Also started passing MTCRE course of Mikrotik with Mr.Behrouz Soleymani (what a lovely man)
And received the certificate of completion for MTCNA 1 month after that.
Link of certificate:
License: 1411NA384
Immediately after that (Dec 2014) took the exams for the international Microsoft courses:
And passed them.
Link of certificate:

Transcript ID : 1147420
Access Code : 110110110

It was right after that which I decided to start learning by myself and not going to classes.
And that is how I learned how to work with VMware ESXi5.5
And after that finished Microsoft Exchange 2013 which is a very popular and powerful mail server.
And now decided to build up SOHO engineering group as a IT support company.

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“Hardest and most possible thing to do in this world is to fight against opposite opinions”